Kratom: The New Health Alternative

Kratom the New Health AlternativePeople are becoming more aware of the newest supplement available to the US market, Kratom. New articles are coming out on a regular basis, good and bad, about this amazing Indonesian Tree Leaf and many people are curious what it is? And what can it be being used for?

The basics are that Kratom is an herbal supplement that originated in Southeast Asia centuries ago. From its discovery, farmers in the field would chew on the leaves for energy, much like the coco bean. However, Kratom is fairly new in the US and has been making its way to households all over the country in a good way. This particular tree leaf provides major health benefits including pain relief, energy and as an anti-depressant.

It all begins with the make-up of the leaf and what it contains. The alkaloids in the Kratom leafwork with the opiate receptors in your brain much like a prescription drug; however, unlike a prescription drug Kratom does not have any harsh documented side effects nor addictive properties. Some of the side effects that have been documented include minor constipation and fatigue when taken in large dosages. One of its distinguishing factors is the inability to overdose. An intriguing aspect of Kratom is that it, not only, helps with energy and pain relief, but also with sedation for those seeking it.  In larger amounts, Kratom is known for its sedative properties.

For many people, Kratom has been a huge savior and a healthy alternative from prescription drugs. Kratom consumers are all over the map, from cancer patients to athletes and doctors to drug addicts. The benefit is that it is 100% natural and straight from the tropical trees in many regions of Southeast Asia. Kratom has been praised by many medical professionals for its wonderful benefits.

Kratom also comes in different strains. Each leaf has a distinguishable color and benefits based off that particular color as well as its region. The climate and ore composition play a major factor in which active alkaloids become stronger. For instance green and white strains tend to be more energizing whereas the reds are more sedating. Kratom that originates in Borneo has more pain relieving qualities and those from Malaysia have a more euphoric effect. Each leaf is basically born with its own specialty and different alkaloid make-up that helps aid in many areas of our everyday life.

The leaf can be taken in several different forms including leaf, capsule, liquid which has been perfected by many retailers and the most popular version of powder. One new particular innovation has been the creation of fusions; expertly combined amounts of different Kratom strains to make the ultimate experience. There are also Kratom extracts that enhance the herbal experience by eliminating the leaf exterior and extracting the pure alkaloids.

Though Kratom is new and a concern of many, it has proven itself to be very beneficial. It is on the rise as the new health alternative and definitely something to be on the lookout for.